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I admit I’m a little confused as well and wanted to ask a question similar to Mary’s.My understanding, which might not be the best, is that your basic Existence Itself, uncreated, uncaused, unmoved, etc., is what philosophers usually call God for shorthand. I realize there’s a big gap between that and religious belief, but would this at least technically make Rand a deist rather than an atheist?

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I have SEVERE indoor and otouodr allergies (since birth) and moved to Florida at age 18 in 1983 from NY because I was so sick. Had a brief honeymoon period but allergies returned with a vengence and get worse each year. We are talking about moving as quality of life is not good alleriges are year round with hives, excema etc. Lots of steroids and not much relief. I need sugestions as to where would be a good place for someone allergic to grass trees, mold, dust, pollen etc. Please help.

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